Take it Easy
Rest Mountain - Part 1

“There is no music in a rest – but there is the making of music.” Thus John Ruskin begins his beautiful treatise on rest.

Sometimes rest is imposed upon us: when we are sick, or unable to pursue our normal tasks for one reason or another. Other times, we choose to rest; we deliberately step out of the rat race of our busy lives and pursue a time or activity that rejuvenates us, re-creates us.

Either way, the rest can prepare us for what comes next in life.

This rest may be just the ticket for you, today; the very thing you need.

If so, pull off onto a sidetrack and rest. Just . . . rest. There is no destination for you. No place you have to be. No goal you have to achieve.

Try to focus on the following little things:

  1. the feel of the air on your face
  2. the taste of your food, or drink
  3. the rising and falling of your chest as you breathe ever so gently, and calmly

That’s what Rest Mountain is all about. And the nice thing is – you can come as often as you like.


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