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Rest: Illusion or Elusion?
Rest Mountain - Part 4

Rest is as elusive to me as almost anything I know.

I have to work at resting! And that seems bizarre to me.

Our lives are just crazy sometimes, aren’t they? We rush to get ready in the morning, timing our showers, eating in a huff, racing out the door and trying to manage traffic as we drive to work or school. [As if we can manage traffic. Whew!]

We decry the cultures that don’t emphasize TIME and the importance of PUNCTUALITY. Then we take our blood pressure medicine and hurry to the gym where we try to counter our lack of exercise and poor eating habits. If anyone interrupts our planned sequence (or even hints at slowing it down) we avoid him/her like the plague. We have become runners (in our minds) even in situations designed to recreate us, rejuvenate us, refresh us.

Maybe I am alone in these feelings. But . . . I suspect not.

There have been a number of times when I have truly experienced rest. And each time I have vowed to RETURN to the sweet, relaxing, and self-recreating atmosphere I found. And yet . . . I migrate toward the hurried instead. I have a penchant for speeding about, accomplishing (ooh, there’s a four letter word with nine extra letters thrown in for good measure), making progress.

After reading some Deepak Chopra some years ago I found myself more aware of my surroundings, the air in my lungs, the feel of my muscles working as I strolled, and I sensed a congruity I had seldom felt before; I felt renewed, and refreshed, and alive.

Then I returned to my normal way of functioning. I suppose I feared that too much wonderfulness and congruity would cause me to be unproductive (ooh, another good word to avoid). And so I returned to the rat race.

I really do want to learn how to rest.

I think, I do.

How about you?


  1. Except for naps, rest is an elusive butterfly for me. And that’s not really rest, anyway. Lots of times I wake feeling worse than before. My mind skitters around like little mice! I get that it would need to be an intentional thing….rest. We’ll see!!

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting. Rest eludes me, too, but when I experience it I am reminded of its incomparable ability to refresh. Let’s keep at it, OK?

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