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Rest: Getting a Foothold
Rest Mountain - Part 7

Today I got to experience the second pedicure of my life. And it was grand!

The first one was several years ago when I was still in my 50s; my wife and daughters took me for a surprise pedicure, knowing I would love it. But I was not so sure. You see, I have never been a big fan of my feet. Don’t get me wrong! I rely on them, want them, need them, etc. But I’ve never felt comfortable showing them off to others. I’ve always thought they were a bit ugly.

My family was right, of course. Once I got beyond the trauma of showing off my corns, odd toenails, and funny shaped big toe bones, I loved it. Truth is, the Asian woman working on my feet couldn’t seem to care less what they looked like. She just worked and worked to make them cleaner, and to make me comfortable in the process.

Today’s experience was just as wonderful. Perhaps more so. Because this time I had less shame to deal with; I was able to relax and enjoy the experience.


That’s what a pedicure is all about in my estimation.

The warm and fragrant bathing in the initial phase, then the delightful segments including callous removal with a pumice stone, the use of moisturizing creams with massage, and warm towel wraps – all combine to take your feet to pedi-heaven.

The upshot of it all is that blood pressure lowers, breathing settles, and the body slithers into the recesses of the massage chair like water effortlessly fitting the contours of a pool.

The foot massage is amazing. Each toe gets its due; each “little piggy” (as we used to sing to our girls) “goes to market” and is treated with the utmost care and respect while there. Honor is given to one of the body’s least beautiful parts, like the ragged pauper being fed a sumptuous meal as he sits in a gilded high backed chair and is waited on by servants dressed in their finest!

I know I went in and out of sleep several times during that hour; testimony to the fact that I not only felt safe and secure, but I was unquestionably at ease both in mind and body.

To truly rest . . . I mean to settle the mind and body to such an extent that rejuvenating rest is accomplished – that is a byproduct of the pedicure.

When I left the pedicure today my feet felt like they were walking on a cloud; such was the result of all that foot pampering. And although I will still struggle a bit to justify doing something like that again in the future for myself (it’s still a female thing to me at first blush), I can now see that my reluctance to pamper myself in this way speaks volumes about my restlessness.

Pamper yourself a bit.

You may find that rest will find you when you do.


Photo by AehoHikaruki