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Don Quixote
No Fear Mesa - Part 5

There are a handful of things that can trump your FEARS; you must know these things, for . . . they are powerful.

I do not know the objective Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra had in mind when he wrote Don Quixote de La Mancha in the early 17th century. But his two volume book has been translated into more languages than any other book in history other than the Bible. That alone is amazing.

The story is, without doubt, a combination of comedy and fantasy, but its message is anything but laughable; it is profound. Alonso Quixano (aka Don Quixote) is clearly deranged (or so it seems), and yet . . . for all his strange antics two strengths of character emerge: devotion to love, and allegiance to duty.

When the knight errant is finally subdued in the end, and his mental state exposed, the reader wonders whether or not his opponents might be the deranged ones, and Alonso the sane one.

For it is clear that the difference Don Quixote made in the lives of those around him (most notably Sancho and Aldonza) was remarkable. More precisely, transforming.

But that phenomenon is not merely relegated to storybooks and fantasy.

When you are devoted to love, and you pledge allegiance to duty, you wield a sword that is almost impossible to counter. When little else will quell your fears, these two soldiers-of-the-heart stand shoulder to shoulder, a formidable force that must be reckoned with. And they have no equal.

Fear is forever with us; it cannot be eradicated. But . . . it can be vanquished.

Let deep love and indefatigable duty do their work in your life. Then watch as your own personal transformation spreads to others around you; others in need of the same deliverance.

Thank you Don Quixote! May we sally forth with you?



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