The Pit
Depression Valley - Part 1

It has been said that depression is “anger turned inward.”

I was at the point of suicide in the spring of 1983. Undoubtedly, this was the culmination of any number of pressures and frustrations I had experienced in the preceding months/years. Nevertheless, there finally emerged a waking vision, an awareness I had each day. I imagined in my mind’s eye:

I was falling into a deep pit. The sides of the pit grew more and more narrow as I fell further and further downward into the dark.
And the most startling awareness about it all was that – there was no Up.
Only Down.

And I had to ask myself each day, “Now why are you prolonging the inevitable? You are miserable. And you are making everyone you love miserable. So . . . .”

You may or may not be at that dismal point in your depression. It matters not. Because wherever you are precisely, the fact remains the same:

You are sad, and you suspect nothing is going to change for the better (hopeless).
You are feeling very weak, unengaged with life, unable to enjoy much of anything.

You need healing.

And the good news is: you can have healing. Genuine healing.

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