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Keep It Real

Gus & Phil
Stories for kids (or kids at heart), targeted for ages 5 – 12. These narrated stories (with music and sound effects) use the every day life situations of two young boys to emphasize the importance of friendship, and a healthy relationship with parents.

Live Performances
Bringing song, story, and smiles to the hearts of young and old alike. Ivan performs in a variety of settings, using music and stories to challenge and inspire listeners to live their lives to the fullest.

Ivan’s Blogs
Three blogs and a podcast that chronicle the story of Ivan’s family life (past and present), and encourage readers and listeners to take note of their own BLOCKBUSTER stories. Ivan says, “Your life is worthy of a full length motion picture.”

Voice Over Work
Ivan has done voice over work for a variety of organizations and loves to use his voice in this way. Listen to a one minute sample of his work.


  1. I understand that kind of rage and anger…….out of control anger! Everyone knows but us! I end up making a fool out of myself! I always end up hurting me mostly but also my family! Thanks for helping me to see the truth about anger. Anger itself is a normal feeling but what I choose to do with it—-not that’s where I get into trouble!

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