It’s a Piece of Cake
Career Junction - Part 2

“You can’t have your cake, and eat it, too,” they say.

And this is often the way we begin to think about career choices, i.e. we can’t possibly do what we want to do and make a living at it. I suppose it would be important to point out it depends on what you want to do.

If all you desired in life was to watch television all day, fold paper airplanes, or read books, then I suppose you might not be able to do what you like and make a living at it. [Although, I also suspect that there is probably a way to monetize even those endeavors if we search for it].

I think we often park our true interests and opt for a more socially acceptable way to earn a living. But what if we let our minds and hearts run free for a bit . . . and we consider the possibilities.

My friend, Landon Saunders, once asked, “What if everyone was able to do the job that he or she was designed to do?” And he even suggested there might be a balance in the economy if we did so.

What if the information we have been accepting for years and years about work is wrong? What if we have swallowed the notion that you must put a square personal peg in a round career hole? What if it is just not true at all?

Now don’t misunderstand me! I am not saying that if flipping hamburgers is what makes your heart sing, then you should be able to do that and also live in a fancy house and drive a Corvette Stingray C7. I’m not saying that at all!

But if being a great hamburger flipper is your life’s passion, and you are willing to accept the meager income that results from pursuing your life’s goal, how can anyone see that as anything but success for you?

We are tragically destined to become trudging, begrudging, and joyless individuals if we do not grapple with these issues and find a place of peace.

  1. What kind of “living” do you need to “make,” and at what cost to you personally?
  2. Is there anything that matters more to you than comfort, security, and wealth?
  3. Can you learn to be comfortable going a direction that is opposite many of those around you?

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