The Magic Pencil
Addiction Ravine - Part 4

Write. Write. Write.

In 12 step groups some call it “the magic pencil.”

But the fact is when you write . . . significant things appear on the page in front of you: important memories long forgotten, observations you’ve never had before, emotions about crucial and formative events in your life.

It’s different from talking about it, very different. And it is magical.

So . . . get up on your handwriting soapbox. And bellow! Let it all out. This is your opportunity to say everything you’ve always wanted to say. Feel the feelings, and say what they are. No holes barred. No language is off limits.

WARNING: this pen/pencil is the heaviest object in the room; you will not want to pick it up. I felt the same way, and resisted as long as I possibly could do so. But . . . the release that came when I picked it up . . . priceless!

Speak! You have the floor!

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