Behind the Theme: Heart Depot

Fascination with trains is almost universal.

When I was a boy it was said that trains would soon disappear; and that grieved me. But as it has turned out, they are still here. They don’t carry as many passengers as they used to, but the use of trains to haul freight is still very much in full swing. For information on the history of train usage in the United States, see

Trains carry a nostalgia that is inescapable. And nostalgia, by its very nature, makes us long for the past or relics of the past. We believe that if we preserve the relics we may also recover some of the simplicity, and meaningfulness of the past. And thereby – help the present.

My father was a steward on the Southern Railroad for a time in Chattanooga, TN. And my mother worked a short time for Railway Express. My neighbor Mickey’s father ran engines in the train yard in Chattanooga (and even gave us a short ride in the engine in the train yard one day). You can read my blog entries about trains at the following locations:

And so it seemed natural to me that a train depot would be the logical boarding site for heart-travel; it connects many of us with our childhood dreams and loves. I believe it can still transport us where we truly want to go in our lives.

I believe that many of us “got off track” (so to speak) as we made the transition to adulthood; something went awry. I suppose the factors that marred that transition are as varied as a 64-count box of Crayola crayons. But the details don’t matter as much as the effect they had on us.

I also believe that railroad trains, tracks, and depots can take many of us back to a time in life before those marring effects defined our lives. Back to a time of innocence, simplicity, and beauty. That is why I have created Heart Depot. And that is why the image of the railroad steam engine is paramount in the Heart Depot logo; each track, each departure and arrival of the heart can be reached through this portal.

Just like The Polar Express, the train that departs from Heart Depot has the ability to take you to junctions in your life where there is work to be done. Hard work, yes. But very rewarding work. It is a journey you don’t want to miss.

“All Aboard!”

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