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Our journey out west (1963)

Our journey out west (1963). I’m the only one not shading my eyes; guess I didn’t get the memo.

I always wanted to be a Native American Indian when I grew up.

I wasn’t particular about the tribe; it could be Navajo, Apache, Iroquois, etc. What was important to me is that I be strong, quiet, fearless, and not show any pain. That was probably the result of watching lots of Cowboy and Indian shows as a child. I guess I wanted to be the Hollywood version of an Indian.

I can’t tell you how disappointed I was when I got old enough to understand that I couldn’t just – be – an Indian; I had to be born an Indian. And I knew that was not possible. I was a Southern boy . . . with Native American aspirations.

My family moved from Chattanooga, Tennessee to Tucson, Arizona when I was just nine years old; it was the only choice we had, really. My father suffered from chronic bronchitis, and a move out west seemed the only option. After we moved (summer 1963) he didn’t even have so much as a cold for five years. Amazing!

I am a man in my 60s with past careers in ministry, high school education, residential childcare, office management, and entertainment (to mention just a few).

I hope you enjoy the website, HeartDepot.org. I post weekly about issues related to the troubled heart; that is, how to find healing and freedom in a world that seems to bring pain and emotional imprisonment.

I don’t have a PhD in Psychology, or Education, or Sociology, or any number of other disciplines. All I have to offer is my own experience with the topics on this website. Where possible, I will refer you to other resources that I find helpful. But the truth is Heart Depot.org is an extenuation of my story, the pain I have experienced, the struggles I have endured, the changes I have made in my life, and the hope I have personally experienced.

If that proves helpful to at least one person, then I will be grateful for this project.


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