About Heart Depot

It’s easy to get off track in life, derailed, and headed for no place you want to be. At Heart Depot you get to choose a new track, an alternate destination, so you can live your life in the way you truly want.

So, bring the baggage you have with you; there are no weight limits or size restrictions on the luggage.

It matters not where you are coming from; the only thing to decide is where you’d like to go.

Pick up the ticket that best describes the station you want to depart, or the destination you long for, then:

  1. Board the train
  2. Take a seat
  3. Enjoy the ride

You see, there is a way out. You don’t have to stay where you are! Things never have to be the same again.

The journey out may be difficult, but it will never be as difficult as staying where you don’t want to be. And the further you go in your chosen direction, the easier life will become, the lighter your burden will be.

In railroad terms, we at Heart Depot wish for you a journey of “eight and sand.”


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